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Name:Mrs. Silvia Winata, S.Kom [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Mobile Number:021-92955593
Phone Number:62-21-6312234
Fax Number:62-21-6312235
Address:Jl. Tanjung Selor, Komplek Ruko Roxymas
Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Apr. 14, 2006
Last Updated:May. 12, 2009
Business Nature:Service of Telecommunications category

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V-TIGA is a Handphone Training Center with a lot of students. The students are not only come from many areas in Jakarta, but also outside Jakarta. The students from outside Jakarta reach the amount of 40% of the total students. To support the learning process, nowadays V-TIGA has more than 10 lecturers. In quality, V-TIGA got the best predicate that proven by the receiving certificate of appreciate from MAJALAH SELULAR and TABLOID PULSA.
The addition of the total amount of students considering that they are very good assets that should be maintained, the foundation gives a full attention not only in quantity, but also gives a full support in quality. One of the way in giving facility is by providing means and infrastructure that enable the students to accurately check all the data related to them by supporting the information system divission.

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